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We are currently releasing update 2.3.65 for DynDevice LCMS, the e-Learning platform equipped with SCORM™ editor and manufactuured by Mega Italia Media.
The distribution on every server in the cloud is carried out through the dedicated process of the  DynDevice ECM framework. These are the changes brought upn by this update.

Variables in certificates. The functioning of the [END-DATE] variable has been modified so that its value reflects the upload date of the most recent report (for courses that have at least one), if that date is subsequent to the estimated date (up to the previous version) for the same [END-DATE] (i.e. the deadline for the last learning object).
A new variable called [CONFIRM-DATE] has therefore been made available. This is replaced with the date of approval (by an administrator) of the last course report.

Default referring examiner. In the window for creating or editing groups, we have added the option to specify the name of the group's default "referring examiner" during either operation. This name, which can be manually changed at all times, will be used as value for the enrolment of that group's members via E-Commerce or manually via the dedicated windows in the control panel.

Non-enroled students. In the window displaying enrolments to a classroom-based or e-Learning course (a specific version or the latter and any of the available editions of the former), we have added the option to also export the list of users who are NOT enroled in CSV.

Examiner for Video-call exams. Now the examiner is automaticalle enroled to every course for where he/she is present.

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