DynDevice LMS version 5.4 almost ready

Version 5.4 of the e-learning platform DynDevice LMS (learing management system) is in final testing. The new major release will be available to everyone in the week

DynDevice LMS version 5.4 almost ready

Version 5.4 of the e-learning platform DynDevice LMS (learing management system) is in final testing. The new major release will be available to everyone in the week

The final test is underway and will be followed by the rollout of the version in the entire Mega Italia Media cloud 5.4 of DynDevice LMS, the e-learning suite consists precisely of e-Learning platform, editor SCORM™ (LCMS with authoring tools), functionality of personal management/HR and possibility of advanced customization through theweb extension CMS (content management system).

The following release notes expose all the improvements made by the new update.


Improvements to theeditor SCORM™ of learning object. All the features of the learning object editor have been improved in terms of reporting and prevention of errors that the operator may possibly commit. Now in fact the editor warns for any potential risk of inaccuracy that is being committed during the editing and insertion of content in LO (especially regarding compliance with standards, and compliance with recommendations for the best user experience by users).
Learning objects that are created by disabling the field "Hide control bar" So, they now show previews (thumb) of the clickable slides immediately to allow the move within the video.

Minimum time for access to the test. Added this new feature that allows you to establish, in order to access the "Advanced Test" included in the course, a minimum time of use. The field works in addition to the minimum time to access the certificate.

Session history in blended courses. In blended courses where you set the field to "No" "It requires concatenation", now it is no longer mandatory to respect the "chronology" of the sessions. That is, they can be moved at will in the timeline of the course, regardless of the date set for them.

DynDevice LMS: manage training and deliver courses

"ZIP Certificates" functionality. The functionality that allows the download of a ZIP file containing the certificates issued for a course, now allows you to filter by "Issuing date", and also for the "Group" of the learners for whom you want to generate the ZIP file.

Latest improvements to support the ECM training. Additional features have been implemented to improve support for Continuing Medical Education (ECM) training. Therefore, specific fields have been added in the "Training Events" management functions, in the association of events to users (including for example the field "Sponsor") and, above all, the possibility of generating the XML file to report the training carried out to the institutions. XML which clearly respects all the constraints established by the entities themselves.

New "Training overview" mask. Added the new "Training overview" feature that allows you to quickly have a glance on the e-Learning training delivered through your LMS. The overview can be generated according to the "typical" filters of the generation of training reports. So with filter on groups, filters, dates of performance, etc.

Vista panoramica della formazione e-Learning elargita con il proprio LMS

Internal search engine. The search engine inside the control panel has been improved, which is now grateful to search even within the contents of the "Data Tables". And then allow quick access to the edit mask of the records of the tables themselves.

Information about the occupied space and new products in the FunStore. In the "Action center" mask shown at the access of the control panel, the information about the space occupied (from their own course created with the editor of e-learning courses, documents issued, etc. ). In the FunStore, therefore, new products have been made available in order to increase their available web space (with cuts of 100 GB, 200 GB, etc. ).


Management assessment tool. Added in the extension "Manage Human Resources" all the features of a complete "Management assessment tool" :

  • Master management of profiles defined with a job title and classified for individual functional areas, professional families and business areas
  • Master Data Managementob description and related skills weighed and connected to individuals role profiles
  • personal data management of operators with relative professional history and profile of the role / task covered
  • management of the dictionary of skills with a description of knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • possibility for workers (account learners) to fill in self-assessment forms
  • management of the evaluations associated with each individual manager and/or evaluator
  • compilation of evaluation forms by the evaluators
  • management ofthe logbook (accompanying tool in the evaluation process)
  • management of training and development plans with links to "Training courses" already included in the basic version of the extension

Panoramica del management assessment tool di DynDevice

Sale of training courses. Added the possibility of establishing price ranges for training courses, and one "Commercial description". This then allows you to put up for sale via the "e-Commerce" form of the extension CUSTOMIZE THE PLATFORM the training courses conceived, and composed of several courses present in your LMS.

Improvements to the "User Tasks" mask. The mask that shows the associations of tasks with a user, and which also allows them to be modified, now shows a radar chart for each desired job; radar in which for each skill required by the selected job, the levels required by the job itself and the level of skill (or competence) of the user are compared.

"User detail" mask. The user detail screen has also been enriched: there is now a new table that shows all the historical variations of the user's skill values ​​that have occurred over time. So the graph that shows the historical trend of the skills also shows the historical trend of the user's self-assessments for the same skills.


Multiple "Data Tables" newsletter. Modified the form "Newsletter" which now allows you to send the same newsletter, at the same time, to multiple destination "Data Tables". Any recipients who should be inserted in several "Data Tables" selected as destination, will still receive only one e-mail.

Registration cards from the form "E-Commerce". Several changes and improvements have been made to the "E-Commerce" module as regards the collection of registration forms for e-Learning or blended courses purchased by customers. The system is now able to automatically convert the name of the municipality entered by customers in the CSV file into the format required by DynDevice (Region -> Provincie -> Municipality). Furthermore, the entire form for filling in the forms is now more understandable and usable.

New module "Booking". From this version, the new "Booking" module is available, with which it is possible to define and display "bookable products" to the public. Products that can be hotel rooms, meeting rooms, "rent" cars, etc. Each bookable product can obviously be subject to a rate, possibly different depending on the time of year, etc. The user who views the bookable products can then select the desired booking period (with any optionals), view the price, and proceed with the booking (with payment) using the "E-Commerce" module.

Luca Sigalini
Development Team

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