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Virtual classrooms with WebRTC web conferencing

With DynDevice LMS, you can organize virtual classrooms in a web-conference and include them in classroom / blended courses (similarly to Learning Objects, advanced tests, etc.), making them an integral part of the courses. The main features are:

  • ability to create "one to many" web-conferences
  • ability to create "many to many" web-conferences
  • ability to share "pre-uploaded" slides for a conference in a virtual classroom session
  • ability to show the teacher's PC monitor to the whole conference
  • access to the web-conference simply by using your browser, without having to install any external software

One-to-many web-conferences

One of the possible modes of virtual classrooms in web-conferencing set up via the DynDevice LMS e-Learning platform is "one to many".
In this case, the teacher who starts the lesson can see and hear all the students connected to the virtual classroom (up to 50), while the students can only see and hear the teacher, plus any "projected" slide or the teacher's PC screen when this is shared in the conference.

One-to-many web-conferences

Many to many web-conferences

The second available mode is "many to many". Here, the teacher who starts the lesson can see and hear all students connected to the virtual classroom, and they can see and hear the teacher and all other learners, too. This mode, however, can be used with a smaller number of users compared to the previous one: not because of technical limits, but in order to keep the quality of training at a high level.

PC display and slide sharing

The teacher who starts the web conference will be able to share certain pre-uploaded slides (which are associated to the current virtual session) with all participants. Alternatively, the teacher can share his/her PC screen: e.g. to show and explain how a software works, or show the output generated by Power Point.

Document Management

For all virtual classrooms you set up, DynDevice comprehensively manages:

  • registration of users (both by administrator and automatic via e-Commerce)
  • confirmation of user participation (with the ability to choose among different dates where applicable)
  • creation of attendance sheets and participation reports
  • upload of documents on to the platform by the teacher
  • approval of documents by the administrator

For each organized virtual classroom, the DynDevice e-Learning platform manages it in-depth:

Integration with Cisco WebEx®

The third available mode is the creation of a web-conference which is integrated with Cisco WebEx® software. DynDevice will still manage session enrolments, sending of confirmation emails and all relevant documents. At the start of the session, users will be shown a link to download and automatically start WebEx®, thereby enabling them to use it for their web-conference.