Tips to speed up the creation of eLearning courses

How to start an online course quickly for remote workers.

Tips to speed up the creation of eLearning courses

How to start an online course quickly for remote workers.

Autumn is just around the corner and those who expected to be able to bring all employees back to work for a training course planned a few months ago may be forced to review this decision. We need an online course now. Here's how to produce eLearning courses quickly.

Train employees human resources/development on authoring and LMS tools

If your company does not yet have an online course creation tool, an authoring tool, the time has come to purchase one. With these tools you can create courses in one of the most popular eLearning standards, the SCORM format. In this way you can play the courses on any type of LMS, Learning Management System. When choosing your LMS you should take into account the user experience, i.e. the ease with which you use these tools. To start online courses quickly, it would be better to choose an intuitive LMS that already has an integrated editor. In this way you won't need to purchase a separate authoring tool and you can start training the people who will manage and deliver the course right away.

Taking care of the training contents

Reporting an entire classroom course on an LMS is a process that could take months. It is not enough to copy and paste the material into the course editor. The eLearning course is a multimedia tool, and if you want to keep students involved, you should go beyond text and also use video and audio formats. The advantage of eLearning is that you can divide the contents of the course into short modules to be released progressively. In this way you have time to prepare the next modules, while the students start their training. The first step to create an online course immediately is to review the existing course material in the classroom and carefully select the essential parts. Start by creating small multimedia modules to be delivered progressively.

Use ready-to-use LMS templates and cloud solutions

Why work on a project from scratch or by yourself if you can use templates and cloud collaboration tools? If your LMS allows it, you can take advantage of templates and content library to organize your training materials into an engaging and interactive course. With a cloud solution you can work on the same project in a team. A team of authors and experts can edit the course in real time and make the creation process faster and more effective.

When it is not possible to hold a classroom training course, the only alternative to train employees is eLearning. By choosing an LMS with an integrated editor, taking care of the contents and organizing them into short modules to be released progressively and finally working with templates and collaborative tools in a group, you can start an engaging eLearning course in a short time.

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