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We are now releasing on the whole Mega Italia Media cloud version 2.4.94 of the e-Learning platform DynDevice LCMS equipped with SCORM™ editor and authoring tools. The operation is automated thanks to the update process included in the DynDevice ECM framework. This release note lists and explains every improvement introduced by the latest update.

"LCMS Scorm Player" module. You can manage any "Internal index", renamed "Useful Resources", via CSS; the same box can also be compressed (or expanded) through a dedicated small "arrow" icon . In the course details, then, the object "Exercise" and "Advanced Test" are now displayed in a manner similar to a learning object and they show a green check upon succesful quota completion. Finally, a minor problem with displaying certain types of links on less common browsers has been solved.
Lists of items in the "Library". The object lists for "Exercises", "Minutes", "Minutes RTC", "Advanced Test" and "Evidence" were standardized.
Local publication. The "Publication Console" for courses has been updated.

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