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DynDevice LCMS is the most recent Italian software (Mega Italia Media S.r.l. is the second of only two producers) to be awarded a certification of full compatibility with the SCORM™ 2004 3rd Edition format, as a guarantee of the interoperability, sustainability and present and future compatibility of e-learning contents created and used on our platform.

The certification process was completed in January and February 2011 by the Wisconsin Testing Organization located at Academic ADL™ Co-Lab. It represents a step of fundamental importance in terms of the ability to develop software which is truly and fully compatible with the SCORM™ 3rd Edition format.
Specifically, this certification means that:
  • the test was carried out by an independent third party
  • it guarantees customers that our product has succesfully completed all ADL™ tests related to SCORM™ functionality (ADL™ is the international body in charge of defining and disseminating the SCORM™ standard)
As mentioned before, while there are a large number of pieces of software which are marketed as fully SCORM™-compatible, only two manufacturers (including Mega Italia Media) are officially certified for compatiblity with the SCORM™ 2004 3rd Edition format. Indeed, a lot of LMS manufacturers who claim SCORM™ compatibility are only partially or entirely not compatible with it.
To view the official list of SCORM™-compatible products, click here.
SCORM and the SCORM logo are certification marks of Concurrent Technologies Corporation of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
The SCORM 2004 Compliant logo indicates that DynDevice LCMS has been independently tested and certified by an ADL-designated certification organization to comply with SCORM 2004.
Successful test results for a product constitute AS IS compliance with SCORM 2004 using the designated tests.
Compliance evaluation using SCORM 2004 tests developed by ADL or others does not constitute or imply endorsement or assurance by ADL or others of product utility, quality, or reliability in use or technical accuracy of content.

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