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The DynDevice CMS platform keeps getting updated and this time we are introducing version 1.5.10. This update sees several features added to the "E-Commerce" module so as to further enhance its usability.

This is a list of this upgrade's main changes:
Changes to existing modules.
"Courses" module: it is now possible to also include courses in categories.
Modulo "DT-Form"the "Multiple selection tree" field is now automatically filled with the pre-checked options that had previously been selected.
"E-Commerce" module.
  • you can now establish whether a delivery method appears as available or otherwise also according to the total value of an order;
  • you can now set different prices also according to the select product variable;
  • A new "Show default examiner" parameter enables you to establish whether the compilation of enrolment forms on the user side is to be assisted with a link to all the information about the default examiner for that user's group;



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