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Latest update for the e-Learning platform just released

20/12/2016 - The DynDevice LCMS e-Learning platform equipped with SCORM™ editor and authoring tools has reached version 3.1.30, with the introduction of a number of minor changes.

The latest 3.1.30 release of the DynDevice LCMS e-Learning platform with SCORM™ editor has just been uploaded on all Meda Italia Media cloud servers by DynDevice ECM staff. These are the new features introduced with this update:

Installation rights for platform categories. In the window which enables you to assign installation rights to one of your own courses published in the CourStore™, selecting a platform category now equates to automatically assigning installation rights to all platforms in that category (both already existing and created afterwards).

Procedure for transferring subscriptions. In the window for transferring subscriptions between courses, an option has been added which enables you to choose whether to trasnfer all users' usage data or only the more relevant subscription info (leaving out training contract acceptance, advanced test compilation, etc).

Change to "RTC test" grading. From the "Report/results" list of "RTC exams" it is now possible to access a window which enables you to change awarded grades.

Drag & drop to sort courses and for webinars' "Chat". It is now possible to use drag & drop to sort courses when setting e-Commerce display and to move the "Chat" box when in a webinar.

Optional LO Timelines in editing phase. The "Timeline" window in the SCORM™ editor  of DynDevice LCMS now highlights optional learning objects in grey and disregards them when calculating the course's total duration.

Estimated duration of LOs in signature sheets. If "Estimated duration" of a learning object exists, the signature sheet in "Compact and with document calculation" mode which is generated at the end of a course will display said duration as "completion time" of the LO, instead of displaying the learner's actual completion time of the LO.

Tax code of participants in the attendance sheet. The variable [PARTICIPANT-CF-X] has been added to the "Attendance Sheet" module so as to display tax codes of the participants in a classroom/blended course session on its related attendance sheet.

Optimization of course use. Execution speed of several LCMS Scorm™ Player operations has been improved and the labels for classroom/blended course sessions have been modified so that the type of session ("classroom session", "webinar" or "web-conference") is now clearly showed.

Updated versions of the manual and the online guide for the e-Learning platform and the SCORM™ editor have also been published with the new release.

Development Team

18/11/2017 - Update 2.1.002 for solutions LMS (1, 2 and 3) and wCMS (5)
The latest update to be released on the Mega Italia Media cloud carries several changes.
31/10/2017 - Autumn update for DynDevice with major release 2.1
Refreshed appearance for all DynDevice suite solutions results in increased work area and usability
03/10/2017 - Update 2.0.003 for solutions LMS and wCMS
The latest update introduces a new feature for building advanced tests
19/09/2017 - Update 2.0.001 for LMS, wCMS and other solutions now released
The first update for series 2.x of DynDevice includes, among the more substantial improvements, integration with Magento
12/09/2017 - New major update for the e-Learning platform DynDevice
We have now completed the latest major release for DynDevice - the e-Learning platform with several interchangeable solutions delivering cost-effective management of every aspect of staff training!
15/07/2017 - Update 1.7.004 for LCMS and other solutions is being released
An important update for DynDevice, which as of today is equipped with new and important features.
05/07/2017 - Update 1.7.003 for the e-Learning platform and content management system now released
Introducing new features of the SCORM™ editor and the e-Learning platform of DynDevice.
21/06/2017 - Update 1.7.02 for the e-Learning platform and content management systenm
Further enhancements available for theSCORM™ editor, e-Learning platform and the CMS embedded in DynDevice.
13/06/2017 - Update 1.7.001 of DynDevice now being released
New features and important enhancements in this 1.7 build 001 update of DynDevice, Mega Italia Media's training management system
20/02/2017 - 3.1.35 version of e-learning platform and Scorm™ Editor about to be released
After completion of all the standard in-depth qualitative tests, the new 3.1.35 version of the dyndevice lcms e-learning platform with scorm editor and authoring tools has now been released for distribution.
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