Managing automatic notifications

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is equipped with a system for the automated management of email notifications, useful, for example, to

  • send users invitations to courses containing their platform access credentials;
  • send users reminder e-mails inviting them to complete the course by the set deadline;
  • send course certificates to users and/or administrators;
  • send administrators reports on training activity carried out/to be carried out, broken down by year and individual operator.

Slow fruition control

The platform allows you to set up the "slow fruition control" function to automate the sending of reminders to users (who are not using the course or are using it in a longer time than expected), thus significantly reducing the time it takes to complete courses and dropout rates.

Specifically, the function allows you to set

  • how many days after enrolment to send the reminder;
  • the percentage level that the worker must not have reached in order to send the reminder.

Sent notification history

Within DynDevice LMS there is a mask that allows you to see the email alerts sent, the bounce (error) or read status, and the list of scheduled and upcoming notifications.