Game mechanics related to the courses

With DynDevice LMS you can add competitive dynamics to your e-Learning platform by introducing gamification. This is an important tool because recent studies have shown that a LMS which includes competition of some kind can improve user interaction, motivation and performance.

How does gamification work in DynDevice?

The game element is very simple: learners who are enrolled in courses gain points by:

  • starting a course
  • advancing in a course
  • writing comments and thereby contributing to the community
  • adding messages to the forum

Points earned generate a table, which is shown on the e-Learning course pages (in a box on the side) and on a dedicated page. Therefore learners are motivated to gain points in order to improve their position in the table. And not only that.

Rewards and prizes

Administrators can set acknowledgments (badges or tokens) to be awarded to users as they reach target scores. Badges awarded will be displayed right below a user's profile picture.

On top of mere acknowledgements, it is also possible to award prizes to users who have reached specific target scores. Prizes can be system-generated discount coupons for the platform's eCommerce or special e-mail notifications for other kinds of prizes - the platform administrator's fantasy is the only limit in that regard.