Delivery of CME courses

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform meets the requirements for the delivery and creation of CME (Continuing Medical Education) eLearning courses.

Normally, CME training must in fact be delivered according to specific characteristics that guarantee a high didactic rigour and a more stringent control of the users' use of the courses.

With this in mind, DynDevice LMS meets all the requirements:

  • Tracking of activities carried out on the platform by learners via logs and reports;
  • Verification of learning by multiple-choice tests with random, but systematic variation of questions and answers at each attempt (double randomisation);
  • Learner identity verification system;
  • Issue of the final certificate only after passing the test and after the learner has completed the perceived quality evaluation form;
  • Administration, at the end of the course, of an anonymous questionnaire assessing perceived quality;
  • XML file export containing lists of participants and information on passing the test;
  • Availability of a collaborative environment for learners;
  • Availability of communication channels with tutors;
  • Appropriate hardware and software sizing to deliver the training service to the users it is intended for;
  • Reliability (continuity of delivery) and data security.

Repetition of training modules

DynDevice LMS's "Eliminate LO use in case of failed test" option allows users to be forced to completely repeat the use of the content just prior to the test in the event that the test is failed a certain number of times (five in the case of CME training).