Community: forums, bulletin boards, comments, chat...

Managing the community of users of your e-Learning courses (or enrolled in classroom courses) is of crucial importance and DynDevice LMS provides all the tools you need to do it comprehensively.

Through community tools, learners will be able to comment on the courses they are attending, ask questions and receive feedback or suggestions. An eLearning system with an active community results in several benefits, such as:

  • learners are more satisfied with the platform
  • ideas are shared between learners and between them and their tutors
  • ideas and suggestions are shared between learners and platform administrators

Naturally, all the information gathered through the community will enable teachers and administrators of the DynDevice-managed eLearning platform to adjust the courses in order to improve them based on the feedback collected.

Chat between users and between users and tutor

Learners will be able to use this feature to chat (directly from their browser) to other learners and to all tutors / administrators of the e-Learning platform who are logged in at that moment. The chat section is divided into rooms: the school's main room (where users can chat to all other students) and rooms dedicated to specific courses (where users can only chat to students who are enrolled in that particular course).


The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform can be enhanced with a real "Forum" with all its typical features (message posts divided into discussions, notifications, etc.). Forum discussions can also be opened automatically by e-Learning courses in order to encourage the use of this tool and engage learners.

Posting on Facebook

With DynDevice FB-Connector (available on all DynDevice suite solutions), you can also publish news about your e-Learning activity, such as the availability of a new course or the upgrade of existing courses. Publication can be automatically triggered by specific events or can be done manually, directly from the DynDevice control panel.