Organize remote meetings

Indispensable for a company implementing smartworking, the DynDevice LMS "WebMeet" module offers the possibility to organize in a very simple and instant way online many to many meetings between an organizer and other employees / workers / learners of its platform. As well as external "guest" users.

The maximum number of simultaneous participants is 250, while the meeting organizer will be able to share not only the webcam, but also the video of their computer and have the possibility to record meetings.

Guests may participate in the meeting via a direct link received via email (e.g. "guests") and/or, if registered on the DynDevice LMS platform, from the calendar displayed on their company intranet pages. They may use PCs (personal computers), Mac computers, Android mobile devices, and iOS mobile devices (in the latter case only by installing the appropriate app).

The module is deeply integrated with the "Manage human resources" solution, especially with the "Project Management" and "Attendance Management" modules (e.g. it won’t be possible to invite employees who, at the date and time scheduled for the conference, are on vacation), and will send all the relevant reminders (via e-mail, and also via mobile device/PC notification).

The meeting records, then, can be automatically made available in the "Download Areas" of the intranet according to the rights established by the administrator. And, if available for your DynDevice LMS configuration, they can be inserted in the eLearning courses created through the platform.