Set a specific topic sequence

The SCORM™ 3rd edition format, for which DynDevice LMS is certified, enables you to establish a wide variety of "navigation" rules within a learning object.

These are the main ones:

  • inhibition of access to certain sections if the previous ones have not been completed or if certain goals have not been reached (such as achieving a pre-set minimum score in a test)
  • skip sections of the course if certain targets have been met (these can also simultaneously apply to different lessons of the same course or different courses)
  • early termination of certain course sections upon reaching or exceeding pre-set goals
  • mandatory repetition of one or more sections if certain pre-set minimum targets have not been reached 

You can simultaneously combine multiple rules to create user-specific navigation sequences: adding real-time auto-corrections to a learning path increases its speed and effectiveness.

Navigation sequencing