Creazione di micro-learning facile ed intuitiva

DynDevice LMS platform allows the creation and dissemination of micro-learning content, i.e. training pills that can be composed of:

  • video
  • audio
  • picture galleries
  • documents
  • external" links
  • HTML content

These pills can then be made available to their learners who have unlimited access to them over time, or subject to expiry date as needed/utility.

The advantages of micro-learning content are essentially:

  • the extreme ease and speed of creation (also through the mobile app of DynDevice LMS)
  • the versatility of use (from each device, when you want, how many times you want)

Micro-Learning content also differs from complete e-Learning courses in the speed with which it can be used and reframed: it is therefore suitable for a variety of purposes that can also go beyond pure learning.