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La piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice assicura un servizio di assistenza tecnica tempestivo ed efficace. Gli utilizzatori della piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice hanno a disposizione un servizio di assistenza tecnica fruibile in due modi:
  1. via Ticket: servizio di assistenza gratuita cronologica su qualsiasi problematica della piattaforma e dei corsi erogati.
  2. via Telefono: servizio di assistenza telefonica immediata, erogato a tariffe diversificate a seconda della soluzione in uso.
Per ulteriori informazioni contatti il suo commerciale di riferimento o scriva una email a info@dyndevice.com

Relevant news with the DynDevice update 3.3.001: changes for solutions 1, 2, 3 and 4!

05/11/2018 - News concerning the first 4 solutions of DynDevice

Release of version 3.3 build 001 of DynDevice (training management system), the system is provided with the solutions: e-Learning platform with SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management company intranet management that soon will be available on all Mega Italia Media servers.

The following realease note explains the improvements of the new solutions.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution e 3. Course creation (vers. 3.3.50)

New fields for the Scorm™ Course Editor.
• added the new field "Sub-category of courses for validity updating" with which it is possible to select for the course being created or modified by the editor, which "sub-category" of the courses is required to meet the deadline of the course itself. By filling out this field, the deadlines linked to the course will be subject to the automatic fulfillment procedure (see the following section "Automatic deadline fulfillment");
• added the new field "Add prefix" which if set to "Yes" inserts a prefix to the "Course Code" (different for each platform) when the latter is displayed in the documents generated by the platform (certificates and minutes) and in the e-Commerce pages (through the forms " Courses" and " e-Commerce").

Automatic deadline fulfillment. Every day, from Monday to Friday, DynDevice now retrieves user registrations for which there are deadlines on the platform and provides to comply ("Opted" to "Yes" column) automatically those where the user is already enrolled in a e-Learning or in a classroom/blended course (or it has been assigned to him "Other training" connected to an e-Learning course or classroom / blended) belonging to the "Sub-category" required by the course associated with the deadline (through the new field above mentioned).

When deadlines are automatically met, the platform administrator receives an e-mail notification with a summary of the deadlines involved and the registrations that led to the fulfillment.

Deadlines management. It is now possible to set up, if the activation is also equipped with the " 4. HR Management", if the deadlines of all the courses for the users have to be shown in the "Management deadlines" or only those based on the tasks assigned to each user. The option is useful e.g. if you do not want to be notified of the deadlines for the "First Aid" course to users who no longer have the "First Aid" task, etc.

Automatic installation of the courses available in the CourStore™.
• added in the "Platform options" mask the new "Auto-installation of courses" parameter which when set to "Yes" allows you to automatically install (in background) all the courses available in the CourStore that are not yet installed on the platform;
• next to the button [CourStore], in addition to the number of updates available, an orange square is now also displayed indicating the number of courses available in the CourStore that are not yet installed on the platform.

In the form it has been added the tab "Courses not installed" that shows in a single mask all the courses not installed, with the possibility to access the details and launch the installation.

Module "LCMS Chat". When exposed during the use of a learning object, a button is now available that allows to hide or show the box with the list of users available in the chat. When the user is connected via smart phone or tablet, by default the box is loaded already hidden.

Module "LCMS Scorm Player".

• reduced loading and execution times of the player both in the initial phase and at the end of each item. The general experience of using e-Learning courses has therefore been improved;

• improved controls to prevent access to course resources when a user's registration has expired.

Bugfix e modifiche minori.

• the deadlines set out in the "Management of deadlines" form are now updated on a daily basis instead of weekly;

• adjusted some cases in which the courses included in a training course were not shown in the correct order on the course use page.

Solution 4. HR Management (vers. 1.0.55)

Export of GAP reports. In the CSV report generated during the GAP export of missing or expired courses, if the course is reported because the course has expired, the "Sub-category of courses for updating the validity" field is also shown in a special new column which instead remains "empty" if the course rather than expired just has not been done.

Solution 5. e-Commerce and web site management (vers. 1.7.05)

Module "e-Commerce Menu".
The module shows only the categories selected in the "Parameter management" of the "Courses" module, so as not to show categories that are not enabled.

Module "e-Commerce":
• a drafting system was introduced (similar to that of the control panel templates) in the scenario of filling in the registration forms for "classroom / blended courses";
• added the saving between the correlations of the e-Learning courses at the time of the conclusion of the order.

Module "e-Commerce". Correlations are now also shown for e-Learning courses when they are added to the cart, or in the detail page.

"List of templates", button "Export / Import". Template export has also been revised on sites in HTTPS.

Development Team

06/02/2012 - Aggiornamento del content management system 1.0.05
Dopo solo tre settimane scarse dal rilascio della versione 1.0.00 del content management system DynDevice wCMS, è da oggi ufficialmente disponibile l'aggiornamento targato 1.0.05.
06/02/2012 - Major release 1.1.00 in fase di test interno
L'editor SCORM™ per i corsi e il learning management system inclusi in DynDevice LCMS sono ormai davvero prossimi alla major release 1.1.00, entrata in fase di test.
18/01/2012 - Nuova applicazione per la suite DynDevice ECM
Per la suite DynDevice ECM è stata ufficialmente rilasciata in data odierna la nuova applicazione di web content management system DynDevice WCMS.
18/01/2012 - Sul mercato la versione 1.0.00 di DynDevice WCMS
Dopo tre anni di intenso sviluppo è stata finalmente rilasciata la versione 1.0.00 del content management system DynDevice WCMS, il sistema che permette la gestione del proprio sito internet utilizzato da anni in Mega Italia Media.
09/01/2012 - La guida in linea si espande ancora
Seguendo sempre le richieste dei propri clienti, lo staff tecnico di DynDevice ECM di Mega Italia Media ha aggiornato nuovamente la guida in linea generale aggiungendo nuove appendici.
09/01/2012 - L'intranet su misura per la tua azienda
Con DynDevice ICMS è possibile creare e gestire nel tempo la propria intranet aziendale in modo avanzato, dettagliato e sicuro, ma allo stesso tempo semplice e veloce.
09/01/2012 - Versione 1.1.00 dietro l'angolo
Lo staff tecnico della piattaforma e-learning e dell'editor SCORM™ DynDevice LCMS è ancora impegnato nello sviluppo della major release 1.1.00, che ormai è davvero dietro l'angolo.
07/12/2011 - Nuova appendice per manuale e guida in linea: l'editor visuale
E' stata di recente aggiunta una nuova appendice al manuale in PDF e alla guida in linea di DynDevice ECM: l'editor visuale.
07/12/2011 - ICMS: in fase di installazione la versione 1.0.10
E' in fase di propagazione l'aggiornamento che riporta il numero di versione 1.0.10 per DynDevice ICMS: entro lunedì 12 sarà attivo su tutti i server.
07/12/2011 - Test finali per l'aggiornamento 1.0.25
Lo staff tecnico di DynDevice ECM sta eseguendo i test finali sul nuovo aggiornamento relativo all'editor SCORM™ di DynDevice LCMS.
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