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La piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice assicura un servizio di assistenza tecnica tempestivo ed efficace. Gli utilizzatori della piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice hanno a disposizione un servizio di assistenza tecnica fruibile in due modi:
  1. via Ticket: servizio di assistenza gratuita cronologica su qualsiasi problematica della piattaforma e dei corsi erogati.
  2. via Telefono: servizio di assistenza telefonica immediata, erogato a tariffe diversificate a seconda della soluzione in uso.
Per ulteriori informazioni contatti il suo commerciale di riferimento o scriva una email a info@dyndevice.com

Release of 3.3.002 version of DynDevice with several updates

15/11/2018 - Update of solutions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 with this new release of our platform provided with SCORM™ editor

The release of version 3.3 build 002 of DynDevice (training management system), system provided with the solutions: e-Learning platform with SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management company intranet management that soon will be available on all Mega Italia Media cloud.

The following release not explains the improvements of each solution.

 Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution e 3. Course creation (vers. 3.3.55)

Automatic notification to users regarding deadline management. Added a new notification "Validity training expiring" that is automatically sent to users when one of their training validities (shown in the "Management deadlines" form) is about to expire. The notification text (which can be managed and customized through the action center) displays a link to the course listing page of your platform (or the one set in the "Publishing site" parameters) to invite the user to purchase a new enrollment in a sub-category course required for the completion of the training deadline. After the notification is sent, the "Contacted" field of the expiry is automatically set to "Yes".

Added notification to administrators to report missing documents. Added a new automatic procedure that weekly sends a report to the platform administrator with the list of
courses that require the registration forms and/or the statement of responsibility where there are active users who have not uploaded them or have loaded but not approved.
If the report contains a read-only course, the e-mail of the author of that course is added as a copy of the report.

Platform Options. added the new parameter "Days for validity expiry notification" which allows to set how many days before the expiration of a training validity must be sent the notification of "Validity expiring training".

New field for learners. Added the field "Date of discharge" to the registry of the learner, useful for identifying which users can be removed from the platform beacause they have been released for a long time.

Module "LCMS Chat" and Comments". Improved the feedback time for the recovery of new messages/comments, speeding up the execution times.

Module "LCMS Scorm Player".

Improved the internal index of learning objects where now an icon is shown for each item allowing to identify the type also within the player (video, document, quiz ...). Further improvements to the module's base code to improve its responsiveness and speed of execution. Also improved exposure on mobile devices, where several layout problems have been solved.


Optimized the demo request form.

• the form now recalls the JavaScript libraries necessary for operation only if not previously included in the page, thus speeding up the loading;

• added the "Date and time of entry" field in the "Demands requests" table so as to be able to track when a request has been inserted.

 Solution 4. HR Management (vers. 1.0.65)

Management of access to doctors at DynDevice. When a DynDevice user is created, it is possible to select several medical centers if the hrMS manager has only been enabled to upload the results; in this case the operator will only display the medical visits carried out in the selected medical centers (in addition to the filter on the groups that was already present in DynDevice).

Solution 6. Intranet (vers. 1.2.25)
Translations. Review of several modules of the solution in order to improve their English translation regarding hard-coded labels.

Development Team

28/11/2014 - Authoring tool SCORM™ e software e-Learning alla versione 2.4.35
Terminata l'installazione nella cloud di Mega Italia Media dell'ultima versione (numero 2.4.35) del software per l'e-Learning e degli authoring tools relativi (editor SCORM™) DynDevice LCMS, prodotta Mega Italia Media.
21/11/2014 - Disponibile le release 2.4.30 per la piattaforma e-Learning e il relativo editor SCORM™
È stata installata da qualche minuto in tutta la cloud Mega Italia Media l'ultima release 2.4.30 della piattaforma e-Learning con editor SCORM™ DynDevice LCMS, prodotta Mega Italia Media.
13/11/2014 - Editor SCORM™ e relativa piattaforma e-Learning alla release 2.4.25
È in fase d'installazione da qualche minuto su tutti i server della cloud Mega Italia Media la nuova versione 2.4.25 della piattaforma e-Learning ed editor SCORM™ DynDevice LCMS, prodotta da Mega Italia Media.
07/11/2014 - Rilasciata la vers. 2.4.20 per l'editor SCORM™ e la piattaforma e-Learning
Nuovo aggiornamento per l'editor SCORM™ e la piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice LCMS: già on-line da qualche minuto.
01/11/2014 - Disponibile le release 2.4.15 per la piattaforma e-Learning e il suo editor SCORM™
È in corso in questo giorno festivo, visto la delicatezza tecnica della release, il rilascio della versione 2.4.15 per l'editor SCORM™ e la piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice LCMS.
27/10/2014 - Editor SCORM™ e piattaforma e-Learning alla versione 2.4.10
È in fase d'installazione nella cloud di Mega Italia Media l'ultima versione numero 2.4.10 della piattaforma e-Learning dotata di editor SCORM™ DynDevice LCMS, prodotta Mega Italia Media.
17/10/2014 - Piattaforma e-Learning DynDevice LCMS versione 2.4.05 nella cloud
È stata installata da pochissimo su tutti i server della cloud Mega Italia Media la nuova release 2.4.05 della piattaforma e-Learning con editor SCORM™ DynDevice LCMS prodotta Mega Italia Media.
09/10/2014 - DynDevice LCMS: editor SCORM™ e piattaforma e-Learning versione 2.4!
Rilasciata in queste ore la major release 2.4 di DynDevice LCMS: la piattaforma e-Learning dotata di editor SCORM™. Tra le novità principali, le aule virtuali in web-conference.
19/09/2014 - Update 1.1.20 disponibile
Migliorata la gestione dei sistemi e-Commerce con la release 1.1.20 di DynDevice CMS
29/08/2014 - Nuova release per il content management system DynDevice wCMS
Nuove funzioni per il modulo E-commerce e File manager con l'aggiornamento 1.1.15
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