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  • Improve business training
  • Manage e-Learning, classroom and blended training
  • Create, provide and monitor training
  • SCORM editor and xAPI compatible

DynDevice: the e-Learning platform for your company training.


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With DynDevice you can:

Manage all corporate training in e-Learning, in the classroom or blended and the related document archives.

Provide e-Learning courses in SCORM ™ or xAPI format created on your own or by third parties.

Create training courses in e-Learning or blended with their own content.

Generate detailed reports on the use of courses with different levels of access.

Manage human resources, medical examinations, tasks, skills / competences, GAP and evolution through training courses.

Market their courses directly from the delivery platform.

Create and manage a corporate intranet, with job scheduling, actions and TODO, holiday attendance management and employee permits, progress and company discussions.

DynDevice is the TOP 20 e-Learning platform
worldwide for "User Experience".

Create, dispense, manage!

The DynDevice e-Learning platform helps companies improve their employees' training in a simple and complete way. Furthermore, it promotes collaboration and communication between staff and the planning of continuous improvement activities.

DynDevice is the TOP 20 e-Learning platform
worldwide for "Value for Money".