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What are the advantages of having your own Intranet?

An Intranet, to put in very simple terms, is like a very interactive website which only employees of a company can have access to: their interaction with this "website" is protected by password and encrypted connection (HTTPS protocol). Every access to the Intranet is registered by the system which manages it.

1st advantage: communication

The first major advantage of having an internal "website" is certainly communication: thanks to the Intranet, each employee will be kept up-to-date on any news which is relevant to the company. Moreover, news and information can be made accessible only to specific groups of employees. For instance, a piece of news concerning changed to the development section will only be made accessible to employees of that department.
What are the advantages compared to communicating via standard emails? There are several: 1) any information remains neatly archived on the Intranet, 2) any reply or changes to the information will be kept attached to it, avoiding the confusion of unorganized replies (which offen leave some of the original recipients out due to human error), 3) information is catalogued logically with an automatically-evolving history of additions and changes. Moreover, studies have shown that sending the same item (e.g. a form) several can generate confusion and redundancy. An Intranet prevents all of this.

2nd advantage: interactivity

An Intranet is not actually a simple "website", it is much more because it is fully interactive. Employees accessing it can not only keep up-to-date "passively" on the company's matters, but also actively contribute to the contents (e.g. by posting messages in the discussions of which they are part). Therefore, Intranet information is two-ways: employees receive information from their company and the company also gets information from its employees in a simple, precise and rapid way.

3rd advantage: time savings

Intranet brings considerable time savings. Thanks to the interactive modules that can be included in it, imagine how quicker activities like delivering payslips and handling holiday requests can be. Solution "6. Intranet", in addition, offers features such as attendance control (by connecting to any common access control system), daily schedule verification, overtime management, any required adjustment for employees who have not reached their minimum number of hours, etc. All of this can be personalized according to specific needs and be subject to customized approval paths.

4th advantage: cooperation

An Intranet also brings advantages in terms of cooperation. Solution "6. Intranet" puts employees in the best position to cooperate, e.g. by working simultaneously on the same file, holding organized discussions, and so on.
As you can see, using a great tool like Solution "6. Intranet" carries a number of advantages. Please note that this list contains only a part of the benefits that an Internet can bring to your company's daily work. Depending on the type of private or public company, there's a great number of possible improvements that can be added to our list!